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We are "energy tech company" founded based on three Cs as our core values: Carbon-free. Connected. and Consumers.  After about six years of R&D, our company developed the world's first "commercial type autonomous electric generator".  Our technology is going to be mandatory solution to “Renewable energy” and ‘Decentralization based on smart grid’, which are the key pillars of the energy industry.

It will also prevent the depletion of existing resources and protect the enviornment. 


We are an energy-tech company established with core vale of 3Cs: Carbon-Free, Connected, and Consumer.  Our technology will be key to solve the World's global warming and to power nations or regions where there is lack of power.​


Our autonomous electric generator allows households as well as commercials and offices to save at least 50% of their electricity bills each month.  It will also be applied to various fields through miniaturization of technologies linked to the Industry 4.0.


On June 28, 2017, we registered a patent for independent magnetic generators in Korea and applied for an international PCT for the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance method on October 30, 2018.