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CEO Message

Hello, I'm Yun Byeong hun, Founder and CEO of C3electric Co., Ltd.  We are an energy-tech company inspired by our core value: Carbon-Free, Connected, and Consumer. Our technology will be a solution to the global warming, and our first product, “Autonomous Electric Generator”, will help households, commercials and offices, save at least 50 percent of their monthly electricity bills.  In addition, it will be applied to various fields in conjunction with the Industry 4.0


Our technology is based on the use of nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclei or electromagnets, to create "high magnetic fields."  Our technology is a new source of energy that implements high-magnetic fields that will protect the environment from the depletion of existing resources, which will enable a carbon-free environment and provide the developing countries and regions that have not been able to access electricity in a stable manner, including the basic infrastructure of human beings through electricity.  Please keep supporting our future moves!

Yune byunghoon

Founder and CEO